Gaia Research offer wonderful opportunities to members of the public to become Gaia Agents by way of becoming independent outlets for sale of all the Gaia Products direct to the public. We extend the very same offer that applies to health shops, beauty salons, wellness centers and health practitioners to our independent agents for an initial outlay of R4500 which includes two of each products 1-34, 64 products in total (see product list). This outlay allows for wholesale prices to apply on this opening order as well as any other orders that follow, regardless of value or quantity. This will allow ones business to flourish organically without any means of performance pressure. The basic arrangement involves the purchase a Gaia Organics Cabinet fully stocked with our Personal Care Range as illustrated in the photograph above. You may also choose from the additional products from the Health Care Range and/or the Mature Gold Range, affording great flexibility and specialization according to personal circumstances. Please email for further exploration or advise.

The Gaia Cabinet is a beautifully handcrafted purpose-designed fully portable display unit with a wooden sliding guillotine cover which unit serves both as a display and carry-case to minimize the transition between mobility and display, which latter takes less than 60 seconds to set up anywhere on a small level surface. It fits readily behind a driver's or passenger's seat and is ideally suited for private and public functions including specialized and general markets, fairs and other public events, parties and also other more formal ventures such as party-plans, direct selling to business personnel or via a barrow or kiosk in a shopping centre or thoughfare or formal shop setting where space is at a premium.


Cabinet Front View
Sun Protection Mini Display
Side View

The mini-display shown above is a selection of sun-care products, being but one option for stand-alone special presentation of a selection of products on a practical theme. Other themes could be hiking, camping, sport, teens, kids, etc as required.

Gaia Research offers full support to such Agents, including training workshops according to the degree and depth of interest, for both the Personal Care and Health Products, via either our compact training manual or a personal workshop, or both. We also offer a direct help-line for not only ongoing queries but also immediate client advisory and also make available our free stunning Posters, Catalogues and Consumer Awareness booklets to enable one to best serve consumers and addition to this extensive website where considerably more research and educational material is readily available at one's fingertips.

If you don't believe that an agency such as this has significant potential, consider the fact that Gaia Research had its roots via this very method 20 years ago, having started with the first such cabinets and products on a small trestle table under an Oak tree outside the Standard Bank in the sleepy holiday town of Knysna, from the outskirts of which Gaia now supplies most of the health shops in South Africa and exports to both the United Kingdom and Germany.

You are most welcome to join us as a partner in expanding this vision and service, whilst at the same time supporting yourself and your community ethically and in Truth.

For a chat and more information please contact Claudia at
Tel: (044) 533 1393 or

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