Prod No.
Product Name
Green Tea Bags
100g (50's)
B Green Tea Loose Whole-Leaf 100g
BL Green Tea Loose Whole-Leaf Budget 200g
CH Green Tea With Chamomile 100g (50's)
Kombucha Kit Including 200g Green Tea
(Kit consisting of live culture, filter, literature & green tea)
Nutri-Spice Salt Mild
Nutri-Spice Salt Hot
Nutri-Paste (Savory Flaxseed Meal - Antiox Herbs & Spices)
I Selenium Sea
(Selenomethionine Enriched Micronised Kelp Powder)
J Flaxseed Oil
(Unique Cold-First Pressing Of The Day) (Nitrogen purged)
K Stabilised Magnesium Oxygen Powder (Magnesium Peroxide) 40g
L Hydroperox 35%
(120Volume) FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide
M Hydroperox 35%
(120Volume) FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide
N Hydroperox 35%
(120Volume) FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide
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After 15 years of supplying the same services, the Gaia Research Institute has revised its extensive activities. The retained Advanced Internal Health Care Products listed above represent a handful of true gems, more worthy than any and all others, of incorporation into a pro-active healthy modern lifestyle.

These products form what was previously renowned as the ‘Gaia Immunological Optimising Protocol’, a comprehensive program utilised by tens of thousands around the world who have taken their ill-health into their own hands and successfully managed their advanced, supposedly incurable cancers and AIDS.

This program no longer formally exists, following the end of a 10-year provision to natural health professionals and the public of thousands of internationally pioneering colloidal generators incorporating silver, copper, zinc and manganese electrolytic micro-clusters and ions suspended and dissolved in water.

Several overlapping issues have led us to temporarily suspend this program, in particular, the imported components being exhausted, but more importantly, the unique Cu, Zn and Mn electrodes no longer being available due to the specialised manufacturer, Argen Precious Metals, having ceased operation.

Pending resumption of provision of the electro-colloids, the remaining components can nevertheless be utilised on their own to very good effect, with the possible exception of immediately imminent death.



It is the clear philosophy, practical experience and conviction of the Director of the Gaia Research Institute, after 30+ years of virtually full-time holistic health research, that health cannot be found in a pill or potion of man-made nutritional supplements or medicines. Health is a gift from the Creator, which we, through application of divine and natural law, either preserve and nourish, or squander, and more rarely, rebuild and recover, according to our enlightenment, efforts, karma and life’s circumstances. All higher animals find their nourishment at the level of their eyes, and humans should be no exception, but paradoxically, due to our higher ‘intelligence’, almost always is. The extent to which we eat outside of the natural postural reach of our (raw) food collecting appendages (fruits) largely determines our health or disease status and ultimately the timing and circumstances of our suffering/demise.

Meticulous research in this past decade has also revealed to us which natural food substances are most likely to keep our bodies well-nourished and protected against disease and likewise, best able to return us from a state of ill-health, in spite of increased levels of stress and environmental chemical onslaughts and the ongoing nutritional deficiencies of especially critical micro-nutrients in the food chain. By way of example, a Medline electronic database search of the US National Library of Medicine reveals thousands of peer reviewed published scientific papers corresponding to the keyword ‘Green Tea’, constituting more than any other natural food or even any nutritional or herbal or other medicinal substance, thereby vindicating our international pioneering introduction of our own high and unique health criteria “Quality Green Tea” into the Gaia Organics personal care product formulations and forming the foundation of our evidence-based advanced internal health optimising products.

Gaia Research is furthermore proud to advise readers that it has also pioneered the availability of similar substances, such as high lignan, but low cyanide flaxseed paste, non-irradiated micronised kelp and several oxygenating products, none of which are medicines, yet singularly and especially collectively, render most, if not all other than emergency medicine redundant. The following information, whilst informing reader’s of the near miraculous properties of this treasured handful of selected natural substances in their correct form and usage, is not intended to imply medicinal claims, since prevention and eradication of disease via food, beverages, minerals, air and water as advocated by us could never constitute medicine, except in the minds of those deranged individuals with financially vested interests in same and accordingly, in the suppression or expropriation of positive health strategies and the perpetuation, if not creation of disease for purposes of lucrative long-term disease management.

Whilst the Director of the Gaia Research Institute strongly upholds the principles of freedom of choice regarding the means to health and the treatment of disease, including availability of dietary supplements and natural herbal medicines, provided that these are of good quality and are honestly marketed in terms of scientific evidence based claims, it is the informed opinion of this institution that these should, in most cases, follow or be adjunctive to the premier anti-oxidant, micro- and macro- nutritive, alkalising, oxygenating, enzyme-inducing, anti-pathogenic and life-inoculating natural food substances introduced hereafter, if indeed such peripheral interventions are still required thereafter. Since it is not practical to fully document all of the relevant research in this brochure, a synoptic research database is incorporated and available, here for the ongoing scientific evaluation of our leading-edge minimalist natural health strategies at a level rarely, if ever, offered for other health service anywhere in the world. Please avail yourself to all of this information before requesting any advice or assistance.

Ongoing free consultations with the Director (at the client’s expense in the case of telephonic sessions and by voluntary donation for institutional appointments) are generally available in respect of the most appropriate use of and incorporation of these and possibly other adjunctive components into one’s own health regimen, though these will of necessity be brief, in particular where the enquirer is not prepared to make all necessary dietary and related lifestyle changes deemed essential to accommodate and complement these measures in order to optimise their health. Readers are specifically referred to the ‘Gaia Diet’ as the minimum prior commitment to qualify for free telephonic and especially personal consultations. The Director may so conditionally be contacted by phone at 044-532-7765 or 7552 during office hours. Personal institutional consultations are not encouraged and are always strictly by appointment only. Our decade-old free natural health clinic has been closed because of an unsustainable drain on limited resources and furthermore to accommodate a renewed focus on consumer education. Professional correspondence may be addressed by e-mail to , but only following obvious prior perusal of the relevant website sections, otherwise communications will have to be ignored.


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