Stuart Thomson was the Founder, Director, and Principal Researcher at the Gaia Research Institute, founded in 1990 and situated at the Garden of Eden, between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, where he resides with his wife Lettie. Their personal care business, Gaia Organics, the proceeds of which funded the independent non-profit activities of the Institute, has been taken over by their daughter, Claudia Wantling, who was apprenticed under Stuart’s personal tutelage for more than a decade in preparation for taking Gaia Organics to greater heights than Stuart himself, cared to do. Although Stuart no longer has a commercial interest in Gaia Organics, he still retains active research interests, including retaining the high integrity of the Gaia Organics product ranges that he formulated. The Gaia Research Library remains an active repository dedicated to the service of humankind and there are plans for a mobile unit of the Gaia Research Institute.

Stuart for many years engaged in research and lobbying focused on significant unacknowledged threats to the South African public's health in as far as these masquerade as health solutions, such as homoeopathic medicines, which totally lack efficacy, Traditional African Medicines, which kill several thousands of our citizens unnecessarily every year, and also pseudo-traditional medicines such as Sutherlandia, which is anticipated to actively feed the tuberculosis epidemic devastating sub-Saharan Africa, as well as hazardous Complimentary Medicines, such as so called "Natural" topical Progesterone products, and also iatrogenic orthodox medicines toxicity, all of which are the responsibility of the Medicines Control Council, who stand accused, by the Director of the Gaia Research Institute, as culpable of gross dereliction of their statutory duty to protect the public from medicines, but who instead, squander strained State resources on financially vested interest arrangements with industry groups and embark on pathetic petty witch-hunts of opponents of their ideological doctrine and perverse agendas in service of same.

We are not only what we eat and think, but also what we wear and otherwise put into contact with our bodies, including environmental influences and especially personal care products, which latter may be as crucial as what we ingest, since sublingual and dermally absorbed substances are at a disadvantage, in that they are not monitored and oxidatively regulated by the liver, as in the case of intestinally absorbed substances, and hence Gaia’s focus on benign, yet effective natural formulated personal care products. Unless named to the contrary, all of the material on this website has been authored by and remains the intellectual property of Stuart Thomson. Accordingly, any issue that a reader might have relating to the factual nature or otherwise of the information presented and archived here, should be taken up with Stuart at director@gaiaresearch.co.za

March, 2011

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